It’s a Sunday game, so we know what to expect: The Rams and the Giants will face off in a showdown that’s shaping up to be a big one.

So what are we expecting?

Let’s take a look.


The Rams defense is still an embarrassment.

Let’s not even talk about the Rams’ defense against the Rams last year.

In Week 1, they surrendered 4 touchdowns to 8 interceptions and allowed 3.3 yards per play.

The defense has regressed since then, and even though they did give up three rushing touchdowns, it’s hard to see this offense coming back from a season-worst 0-8 record.

This is a unit that’s played just 16 games in the last two seasons, and while the Rams could improve from last year’s 3.8 yards per pass attempt, the talent level of this unit isn’t what it once was.

If the Rams were to make some noise this year, it’d be with a new, experienced, veteran quarterback.

They should be able to keep the ball in the air and be a little more explosive than they were last year, but it’s a little too early to start writing off the Rams.

If they can make some strides, though, they could be a sneaky contender.


Matt Ryan isn’t the problem.

The Giants were a lot better in Week 1 than they have been in the past two years, but that was thanks in part to the emergence of Odell Beckham Jr. As we’ve said before, the best way to evaluate a quarterback is to look at his career completion percentage.

If Ryan is at his best against the Panthers, he’ll be worth a high pick.

Ryan has completed just 37.5 percent of his passes against the Giants in 2016.

That number has improved to 56.5 in 2017.

Ryan is a good quarterback, but he’s also going to have to adjust to the Panthers’ scheme, which is a new one for him.

He’s not going to be throwing on the run very often.

If he’s comfortable throwing in the shotgun, that should help his confidence, and that should improve his accuracy.

If you’re a Panthers fan, this could be the perfect game to pick up your first touchdown of the season.


The Panthers will attack.

I think the Panthers will be aggressive on offense.

The two biggest weaknesses on this team are the pass defense and the run defense.

They were terrible in Week 2, allowing 8.7 yards per carry to the Rams, and the Panthers have to be even more disciplined against the run.

The only way they can keep up with the Rams is to get physical on them and take them out of their comfort zone.

If Cam Newton can find a way to get out of his comfort zone, he can be a devastating weapon for this offense.


The Patriots will have to play fast.

The first half of this game was all about the running game, and this will be an even more intense game when the Rams are on the field.

The last time the Rams played this well, they came away with a victory.

In 2015, they ran for 1,812 yards and 20 touchdowns.

That’s still plenty to go around, but they’ll have to get back on track if they want to be competitive in this game.

The offense has been struggling the past couple of seasons, but this is the season they’re going to see what they’ve been missing.

The running game is going to take a beating, but the defense is a formidable unit.

The question is whether this offense can keep the pressure on, or if the defense can shut down this offense and put up points.

If either happens, the Rams will be a tough out for a struggling defense.


New England will make some plays.

It seems like New England has been playing better the last couple of years.

This will be the first time they’ve played the Panthers this season.

This game is a chance for them to get off to a good start.

In the past three years, the Patriots have finished with the best winning percentage in the league in a single season three times: 2013, 2016, and 2017.

If New England can do that again, this is a winnable game.


The Jets will come out swinging.

If we’re talking about the Jets, we’re not talking about an offense that was just good last year and has improved.

The best part about the offense in New York last year was that it had the best receiving corps in the NFL.

This year, they’re just going to get more talented, but their defense is going be a major factor in stopping the run, too.

The team that loses this game will likely get blown out, but New England’s defense is too talented to allow that to happen.


Tom Brady is the MVP.

If this is your first time watching Tom Brady play, you’re probably going to want to get up early and watch.

Brady is a special talent, and it’s