We all know that the NBA is a basketball league, but how does it rank the players on its list of most popular players?

Well, there’s no easy way to get an accurate picture of who is and is not the most popular. 

The NBA uses a system called player ratings, which are given to players based on their career statistics and how well they play. 

They’re based on how many points a player makes per game, how many rebounds a player earns per game and how many assists a player is allowed per game. 

To get an idea of who the top 10 players on the list are, we asked the Basketball Reference staff, a group that has worked with the NBA for decades. 

Their rankings, which are based on NBA statistics, are listed below.

The top 10 players, based on this data, seem to be the top 5 players on each of the top three teams in the league, as well as the top 2 in the conference. 

(The bottom five players are not ranked. 

Those are listed as “unknown.”) 

The top players on two of the four teams in that conference (Los Angeles Lakers and New York Knicks) are the players listed in the top five. 

NBA stats show that both of the Lakers’ stars (Luol Deng and Kobe Bryant) are on the team with the highest player ratings. 

This suggests that the Lakers have the most players in the NBA, and that they are the team that has the best chance of getting the most points per game from the players in its system. 

As for the Knicks, their top player is Shaquille O’Neal, and his team has the highest player rating, as he is one of the most successful players in league history. 

O’Neal’s team, the Los Angeles Lakers, is ranked as the second most popular team in the NBA, ahead of the New York Knicks. 

However, O-Neal is one of those players that has a reputation for being a negative influence on the league’s image. 

For instance, in 2012, O’Neil was suspended for four games after he sabotaged a New York team game and used racial slurs against fans. 

He also said, “If I could do it all over again, I would never play for the Lakers again.” 

Odons suspension, and the lack of positive comments about him, has further complicated the perception of his reputation in the game.

(He had a great rookie year in 2012, but had his second worst year in 2012-13.) 

In fact, when the NBA released its 2013-14 season stats in October, the team ranked No. 5 in player ratings and ranked No. 2 in points per game among NBA teams. 

What’s more, NBA basketball analyst Evan Turner is on the team with the lowest player rating, and the team is tied with the Los Angeles Knights for the highest scoring team. 

Turner has been criticized for his negative views about the league and has not been invited to analyze any of the basketball analysts for the last year. 

Despite his negative opinions, Turners has a reputation as being a positive force in the basketball world. 

A top source told me that Turnes has been invited by the league to be a analytic member for a few years, and he is said to have a positive relationship with ESPN. 

According to the top source, turners is known for having a lot of respect for the league. 

It’s also important to note that the Lakers rank No, 10 in number of player games played and #8 in point per game for the second year in a row. In 2013, they were ranked #6 in players played and their points per game were #5 for that season. 

So when we see a team that has the highest percentage of players who play for teams that are ranked No 5, it’s a probability that a team will outscore that team in the point/game category. 

Additionally, there is no information about how the teams are ranked. 

There is no information on who the teams are ranked in terms of who has the most players.