In this article, The Globe and Mail’s Peter Day explores the best portable chess player.

(Photo: Peter Day)The portable chess computer is one of the most popular items you can buy in a store and yet few people have tried it.

Many people are scared of using it and many people are disappointed.

Here are some of our favorite portable chess players.1.

Anand vs. Kasparov by David J. Sperling:The portable CD player is an interesting concept and it has the potential to revolutionize the way people play chess.

It is not just a box, but it has a special built-in device that can store a game file on the flash memory of your computer and the chess program.

It has a magnetic connection so that when you insert the flash drive it automatically connects to the CD and plays the game files from the flash file on your computer.

It also has a battery that can hold a full day of chess games and a power adapter that plugs into your computer for charging.

You can buy one for $59.95.2.

Anandshankar by David Sper