A computer repair shop in England has sold a pair of headphones that can only play music from CDs and DVDs.

The unit, which costs £15 from eBay, is supposed to make music playing from DVDs and CDs easier to perform.

The manufacturer, Elegance Audio, claims that the device can play music as fast as a CD or DVD, and “can even play the music in the same way as the playback software”.

However, Elamis team says that the unit’s audio is not perfect and that there are issues with playback quality.

They also claim that the headphones are too loud and have no volume controls.

The company has since issued a statement saying that the audio quality is “not perfect” and that they are “investigating the issue and taking steps to improve”.

The product was first posted in January on a UK website.

However, the company later posted a video on YouTube which shows how the unit works.

The audio quality was also described as “perfect” in the description.

A similar device has been sold in the US and Canada, and was also posted on a US website.

The device uses a CD-I player and a CD player-like interface similar to the Elamiks, but it does not feature any volume controls, nor can the player control playback speed.

A video uploaded by the company shows the product playing music from DVDs, and it can also play the original CD music files from CDs.

The devices can be bought for £15 in shops in the UK and Europe, and in some cases for as little as £7.99.

The UK retailer Supermarket Warehouse has been contacted for comment.