Google is set to launch a music and music-related app for Android, according to The Verge.

The news comes just weeks after Google confirmed it was partnering with the music-playing service iTunes for a podcast app.

It’s a bit surprising, since Google Play Music has been around for years, and Google Play Movies & TV has been out of beta for years.

Google also has a podcast and podcast-focused Android app called the Play Podcast, and the Google Play Games app.

However, this seems like a bit of a departure from its Play Books app.

The Google Play Store has been a great resource for all things Google, but Google Play Podcasts is the only app that lets you listen to music, read books, and play games.

That’s a huge plus, since the Play Books catalog is vast, but I’m not sure if Google has a similar catalog of books, TV shows, and music in the works for Android.

This is all very exciting news, and I hope it comes to fruition as soon as possible.