The playa has become a popular stopover for children visiting the United States, especially for children from the Caribbean.

The children playaboard, or “playa”, is located on Playa Mesa, a main thoroughfare in Playas de la Plata in the Dominican Republic, which borders Cuba.

The island nation is home to about 6,500 children and about 100 families live in Playaboard’s 2,000-square-meter community, with one of the largest concentration of families in the Caribbean at the time of the playa’s opening.

The Cuban government has allowed the island nation to use Playa Monterey for its military and tourism missions, and it also owns the island, which has become the primary gateway to Cuba.

A few months ago, the island’s mayor, Antonio Torres, visited Playa Madrid, which is the primary airport for Cubans flying to the United Kingdom.

He was greeted by Cubans, who told him about the island and its people.

“This place is my home, and I love my people,” he told The Associated Press.

The playgrounds are run by the Caribbean Center of Excellence, a non-profit organization that provides educational, recreational, and cultural activities to children of all ages.

The center has a network of partners and a variety of events, including a daily program that has grown into a full day in a day out, with participants getting up at 5 a.m. to participate in the local youth program and then returning to the Playa to play and enjoy.

In recent years, Playa La Granja has become known for hosting the U.S. Women’s Open, a golf tournament held every June that has drawn some of the top players in the world.