Google Play is an online video service that lets you watch videos from a wide variety of Chinese web sites, as well as from other countries.

However, it also has a Chinese language app that can be used to study Chinese on the same device.

Google Play offers two different types of Chinese language videos.

There’s the standard YouTube videos, which can be watched on Android phones and tablets.

The Chinese-language videos available on the Google Play Store are dubbed Chinese, and are mostly based on the sounds of Mandarin, as opposed to the Westernized English language.

These videos are made for Chinese students who don’t speak the language well.

Chinese language videos on the other hand, are available to people who are fluent in Mandarin, and they are dubbed.

Google Play videos can be translated into any other language, including English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and German.

Google also offers a Chinese translation for the Apple App Store, and it can also be used for other mobile platforms.

You can even get free Chinese video lessons from Google Play.

So how do you watch a Chinese video in Google Play? 

Google Play has a list of videos that can appear in the Chinese language on your phone.

To start with, just select the video on your device and tap the play icon.

Then you will see a list containing the available Chinese language clips.

You can watch videos in the same manner that you would watch other videos on YouTube, by pressing and holding the volume down button on your screen and then tapping the video.

After you watch the video, you can choose to watch it in the English or Chinese language.

If you want to see a video in another language, just choose the language of the video and tap on the language in the list.

When you are done watching the video in the language you selected, tap on “back.”

The video will now be automatically downloaded to your phone and the app will launch.

You will be able to start listening to the video from your Android phone.