When you’ve got a DVD player and want to show your friends what you watched, it’s not always practical to show them all the movies in the DVD library.

But a new app from VCR, Play Movies, can help you stream movies on your VCR with ease.

Play Movies lets you add movies and movies with titles like “My favorite movie.”

It lets you play through them on a TV and set them as background music or a sound effect.

You can also use it to play movies while you’re working.

The app includes a feature that lets you pause a movie and quickly switch back to the movie.

The VCR app and VCR Player both have a menu that lets users choose the movies they want to stream.

You’ll find the “Play” option in the top right corner of the menu, followed by the “Choose a movie” option.

The menu will be grayed out when you’re not in the app.

This option is for movies you’ve already watched, which you can skip.

Play Movie lets you select a movie from the movie library.

This is handy if you have a large library of movies that you want to watch.

Then you can play through the movies with the app paused, and then resume playing the movies from the previous movie you watched.

This feature is a bit of a hack, as you’ll need to enter the titles in your VLC player’s audio library.

The interface is very simple and clean, and the app’s UI looks great.

PlayMovies is available now on the Google Play Store.

You have until June 24, 2019 to download it.