We’ve been enjoying PS4’s first year of full release, but now we’re entering the second year of its exclusive PS4 beta program.

We’ve covered all the new games, the new features and, of course, the PS4 Pro.

Here’s what you need to know about PS4 Beta.

What are PS4 Pros?

In a world of big consoles, PS4 is unique because it can run on multiple platforms simultaneously, which means you can run games on any system you own.

PS4 also runs on PlayStation VR, PS Move and other hardware like the Oculus Rift.

The system is also backwards compatible with games from the PS3 era and PS2 era.

The PlayStation Plus subscription is also the reason many PS4 owners have spent their hard-earned cash on the system.

The PS4 has an upgraded version of the PlayStation Camera (also known as DualShock 4), the PlayStation Eye and other peripheral upgrades, as well as an array of games, like the upcoming game, Call of Duty: Black Ops III.

We covered some of the most notable new games from PS4.

There are currently more than 1,400 PS4s in use around the world, and Sony has promised to expand the system’s capabilities.

Some of these features include the ability to record 4K video in 360-degree and 120-degree views, the ability for PS4 users to upload their gameplay to Twitch and more.

The company has also promised a number of other features, including an enhanced cloud storage and the ability in future titles to have an easier way to share the contents of your library.

Sony is also bringing a host of new features to PS4 like online multiplayer and a free app for the PS Vita that lets PS4 gamers control their PS4 via the device’s built-in TV.

PS Plus members can also upgrade to the system free of charge and use the system as a TV for $10.

PS Now is the company’s streaming service that allows PS4 players to stream games for free over the internet.PS4 Beta is the second phase of the PS Plus subscription.

During the PS+ Beta program, PlayStation users can download PS4-compatible games for $9.99, and then they can watch them on PS4 at home.

For the first time, PS Plus is launching a new app, PlayStation Now, which will let PS4 customers stream their games on a TV, which they can connect to a PS4 for the first and only time.

This app is free for PS Plus subscribers and the PS 4 Pro owners, so long as the PS app is updated with support for the hardware.