The NBA is in a state of flux, and we’re in the middle of a major transition, with the league’s owners announcing that they’re pulling their players from Google Play.

The announcement comes on the heels of the NBA’s owners meeting in Orlando, Florida, where they approved a rule change to allow the league to remove players who have not been in the league for two years.

We already knew that the NBA would move forward with its plans to remove some players in the NBAPA’s current Collective Bargaining Agreement, but this is the first major move in a process that will likely last several years.

NBA players are currently locked out of the Google Play Store until they’ve been in an NBA league for at least two years, and this change will put them back in the store.

Google has been actively recruiting players in recent years to its Play store, but its not clear if this will be the last Google Play app pack, as it’s not clear how long the teams and the NBA will continue to work together.

The move is also a good one for the NBA, as its players are likely going to find that the only way to get their games on Google Play is to play on a team that owns the Google app.

If Google has its way, players will be forced to spend the next few months on a waiting list before being able to play in the app.

The NBA’s app store is not a very popular one, and the league is a very large and competitive business.

The league is also not likely to see a huge drop in players as it continues to add players to its roster.

It is not clear yet if this change is permanent, or if the teams could opt to let players play on other platforms after this change.

The new rule change does allow teams to give players the option of playing on other devices like Android and iOS, which will make the transition easier for teams and players.

However, this change may not be a huge boon for the league.

If teams and fans are able to get NBA games on the Play Store after this rule change is in place, the teams may end up making less money because of the extra time that players will have to spend on the app before being released to the public.

This change does not affect the team owners, who are not required to comply with the new rule.