If you’ve been looking for a way to get the kids out of the house without going too far into a game of “Converse” you’re in luck.

A new app by game designer and designer Jordan Withers and company has the kids entertained by allowing them to play as children, but with a twist.

PlaySpades Online offers an online play experience for kids ages 5 and up.

It includes video tutorials, video clips, and interactive activities to teach kids the game’s mechanics and the game rules.

It has been in development for a few months and it is the brainchild of Jordan Wethers and Chad F. Davis, both of whom are parents to toddlers.

Withers said he and Davis first got into video games while working on their own shows.

They started working on the game in the summer of 2016.

Wethers said the idea of giving kids an opportunity to play video games with their own children came to him during the holidays.

“I thought it would be cool if we could have a child play a game together and then let them play the game with their mom, their dad, and our child,” WitherS said.

“I thought this would be fun and exciting and really, really fun to do.

So I said, ‘OK, let’s do it.'”

WitherS, who also wrote the script for “Conquest,” said the video game would be a great way for the children to “get into it without having to go through a lot of the trouble of playing.”

“They can be up and down the street, walking in the park or going to the playground,” WetherS said of the game.

“The kids can go to their bedroom and play in their room or go out in their backyard or whatever they want.”

“We don’t have to worry about anything that they are trying to get to,” he said.

“Kids are in a different world.

It’s very easy to make a video game for a kid, because it’s not like an actual game.

It is just a little bit of a game and they can interact with it, play it, and watch it.”

The app features videos of different games from the company’s catalog, including “Concepts,” which is the second most popular of the three.

In each of these games, children are given two or three choices for each puzzle.

The child has to solve the puzzles and win.

“When the child sees what they are getting into, they are able to sort of sort of figure out what’s going on,” Wathers said.

The games are available on PlaySpades.com and are free to download.

“Conquest” is available in stores, and the app features the video tutorials and videos that give the kids an idea of what the game is all about.

It also features an interactive activity to teach the kids about the rules.

“They have a couple of different levels, but we want to be able to have a more advanced level of the kids playing and the adults in the game, too,” Waiths said of children.

“There are lots of different kinds of things we can do, but just making sure they understand what the rules are.”

Wither, who said he was inspired by “Converge” and “Kissing Dogs,” has been playing “Conquer” and the “Conquistador” series of video games since he was in his teens.

He said the kids he was designing for the app were a different breed.

“The kids are very inquisitive, they don’t care if you tell them what they’re supposed to do or what they should do or how they should play the levels,” he explained.

“They just want to know what’s happening and they want to figure out where the path is and what the answer is.”

WetherS is the founder of “GameCodes,” a business he founded in 2016 called GameCodes for Kids.

Wither said he wanted to provide a way for children to play games without having the homework and paperwork involved in doing so.

“It’s more like a family, where you just kind of make it happen,” he joked.