VHS players are the ultimate family holiday gift.

They’re just a joy to watch, and a treasure trove of fun facts and fun trivia.

But the best part of watching them is getting to see your favourite kids on the big screen.

Here are a few tips for watching the VHS player.


Choose a movie with good sound quality.

Most VHS movie trailers are terrible, but the sound of Chubby and Chucky playing together is a real treat.

Try to avoid movies with too many loud noises or subtitles.


Watch the movie with your parents.

If you watch with your family, make sure you watch the movie in front of your parents, rather than behind them.

If the sound is too loud, you can’t hear your kids at all.

If they are still having fun, your parents will love it. 3.

Play a few games.

VHS movies have a number of games to choose from.

Some of them are classic arcade classics like Punch-Out!!

or Pac-Man, and others include more modern ones like The Wizard of Oz or Space Invaders.


Pick the right theme.

Some VHS games feature the same theme, such as The Adventures of Chunky and Chubby, and you can also play classic cartoons like Adventure Time, SpongeBob SquarePants, and The Simpsons.

Some older VHS titles have also featured the same characters or themes.


Watch with your kids.

Varies from the time of the movie to the time the movie ends.

You can watch a VHS in the middle of your meal, on the weekend, or during the school year.

Try watching it during the day, so that you can enjoy the movie and still catch up on the day’s activities.

If your family can’t get out for a movie, you may want to bring along some snacks.


Take a moment to think about what you’re watching.

It can be a little overwhelming at first.

You may wonder how you’re supposed to watch a movie without thinking, so you’ll probably have to think of what you want to see first.

Here’s what you can do: Ask your children to look at the screen.

You don’t have to watch it with them, but it’s a great way to introduce them to the movie.

For example, you might say, “You want to watch this movie together?” and then tell them to “sit” next to Chubby on the screen, or you might ask them to look into Chubby’s eye and pick up a toy.

This will be a great visual cue that they’re watching the movie together.


Put on a hat.

It’s an amazing way to help kids understand how to behave in public.

It will make them think about how to act when they see a stranger or when they’re alone.


Put some music on the VCR.

A movie on VCRs and on a CD player can be very distracting, so make sure that music on those devices is loud enough to be heard by the kids.


Try not to stare.

It may seem awkward to stare at the VHV movie, but that’s what’s going to make them enjoy it.

If their parents stare at it, they’re likely to get a good laugh and be more interested in the movie, and that can help them enjoy the film.


Don’t go overboard.

Watch Chubby in his own little bubble.

If that’s not an option, make an excuse for them to stay home.

They’ll likely appreciate it more when you do.

The more fun you have with the VVHS, the better the overall experience.