President Donald Trump blasted Senate Republicans for failing to pass the nominee for the Supreme Court.

“It’s not just the Senate Democrats who have been stupid,” Trump said Thursday at a campaign event in Arizona.

“I think it’s all the Republicans.

I think they’re all stupid.

The people who have got nothing to do with it, the people who are stupid.

They’re just stupid.”

“I’m going to do whatever I can to stop them,” he said.

“And I don’t think it’ll work, and I don.

They have to do it.”

Trump has said he would use his power under the Constitution to stop any filibuster against Gorsuch, who is expected to take his seat on the U.S. Supreme Court in June.

The president has previously said he believes Gorsuch is the best judge for the court, a position that Democrats have vowed to oppose.

In an interview with The Washington Post published Thursday, Trump said he is not looking to change the outcome of the nomination process, but said he was looking to make sure that it’s a “fair process” and that Gorsuch is not a partisan “tough guy.”

Trump also said he had talked to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) about the nomination, and said that the president had been impressed by McConnell’s willingness to work with Democrats.

“He’s willing to work for the Democrats,” Trump told The Post.

“You know, Mitch McConnell is a real tough guy.

I mean, he’s a very good man, and you know, we’ll see.”

The Senate is expected later Thursday to approve Gorsuch’s nomination to fill the seat vacated by Justice Antonin Scalia, who died in February 2016.

Gorsuch is expected in the chamber for the next few weeks before returning to Washington for the Senate.

McConnell is expected again to introduce his own nomination.

In a speech Thursday, McConnell praised the president’s ability to bring together the Senate and Senate Democrats in an effort to pass his nomination.

“The president has done an extraordinary job and the Senate has done its job,” McConnell said.

McConnell also urged Republicans to work together to block any attempt to change Senate rules.

“We will not allow any effort to change our rules to change this election,” McConnell told reporters.

“Our job is to try to pass legislation that will ensure that we’re able to get a president through, we’re going to pass a balanced budget and we’re not going to allow a president to change rules to make it easier to get him through.”

Trump’s comments came after Senate Democrats blocked Gorsuch’s confirmation in a vote of 56-45 on Thursday night.

They say they want to change how the Senate rules work, as well as the filibuster, to force Democrats to agree to confirm Gorsuch.

But Republicans argue that the filibuster is not necessary to confirm Supreme Court nominees.

“A filibuster is an important mechanism to give a nominee a fair hearing and ensure that the nominees are confirmed in a timely manner,” McConnell spokesman Michael Steel said.

The Democratic filibuster came after the White House and Senate Republicans had argued over the past few days that Democrats were trying to block the nomination through the filibuster.

McConnell has repeatedly said the Senate should hold a vote on Gorsuch’s nominee, and that Republicans will do whatever it takes to stop that from happening.

Trump said that Republicans would “fight tooth and nail” to stop Democrats from blocking the nominee.