The first major Microsoft product update for Windows 10 will roll out later this week, and it’ll be bringing a lot of new features to the table, from new features like Cortana to new ways to manage games and other games on your phone and PC.

But the biggest new feature in Windows Defender is the ability to play Windows 10 games from a remote device, and that’s exactly what the new Windows 10 Remote Play feature is.

The feature is an update to the Windows Defender Remote Play application, which was introduced back in April with the release of Windows 10 Creators Update.

Since then, we’ve seen a variety of apps and services that let you connect to your PC and run games from anywhere, but none of them let you do it remotely.

Now, with the new Remote Play app, you can.

First things first: The new feature isn’t limited to Windows 10.

The Windows Defender app is available for all versions of Windows, and you can connect to any Windows 10 device that has a remote controller.

For example, you could use the same Xbox One controller to play games from your Windows 10 PC, or you could pair the Xbox One with your Android phone to play Xbox One games.

The app’s interface doesn’t allow you to change settings, but it does let you set up games to run from any device you own.

For instance, you might want to set up a multiplayer game to run on your Android device and your Windows PC.

If you’re connecting to your Windows phone via Bluetooth, you’ll see a list of games that you can play.

You can then either connect the Xbox or the Android device to that device and play the game.

The Microsoft app for Windows Defender also lets you control the game by changing the game’s settings and selecting a different game.

You’ll be able to change the difficulty, how fast the game plays, or how many players are playing.

You may also be able choose whether to automatically start a new game or start the game with the settings set to start a game.

For most games, you won’t be able change the settings to automatically restart the game, but you can change the game to be paused or resume.

Once you’ve set up your game, you may be asked to allow Microsoft to connect to the game via the remote controller’s wireless network.

This is a standard feature that you’ll find in most remote control apps, and Microsoft’s Remote Play allows you to do this without requiring a password.

Microsoft has also added a new menu item for remote play that lets you select a game from the list of available games.

You’re also able to choose the app that will run the game on the Xbox, Windows Phone, or Android device, as well as which remote controller will play the app.

You can choose to start or pause a game by selecting a game’s menu item, and the game will resume automatically when the app pauses.

Once the game is paused, you need to start the app again to resume.

If you’re having trouble with your Windows Defender remote play, Microsoft has a guide to help you setup a game that works.

You might also want to take a look at the FAQ on Microsoft’s Windows Defender blog to get more information on the app’s new features.