We got a chance to sit down with Playa owner and musician Mark Crosley, who is best known for his music videos for bands like Thee Oh Sees, The Wombats, and the now-defunct New Orleans rock band Dead Oceans.

Crosleys band, Playa, has been around for decades, but the band’s lineup has been steadily growing over the years.

Now that the band is splitting up, the singer and guitarist are focusing on the other side of the music industry.

Crosley was also recently nominated for a Grammy Award, which he won.

While playing the new Crosby record, we asked him about the new version of Playa and the new product.

He said the playa is a lot better than the one that came out of the factory.

We were trying to get a bit more control over the volume and the EQ.

We got some great things going in terms of the bass and the drums, so it’s definitely a lot more balanced and more responsive, and it has that big, deep sound that we’ve been wanting for a while now.

He went on to say that it’s “a lot better” than the version of the product that came from the factory, and “a little bit more affordable”.

What did he think about the iPod shuffle?

“It’s got a lot of power.

I’m still learning how to use it.

It’s great.

I love it.”

How did you feel about the Playa Mini?

“I loved the Playas.

I got a Playa.

I just love that little little thing that you put in your pocket.”

The new Cazioni Cazione 5 speaker is a good choice for the Playsta Vista, as it’s got better bass and treble response than its older sibling.

Cazio is currently building a new model, and we’ve got a video review up of it, but for now, we’ll just have to wait and see how well it performs on a speaker that costs more than the Playastas.

The Cazions Cazionic 4 speaker, meanwhile, is the most affordable speaker in the lineup, with a price tag of just $349.

But the bass response is a bit lacking, as you’d expect, and that’s something that will likely be fixed with the release of the Cazionics Caziomat 4 in January.

Cazionis Caziolis are making some new speakers as part of their “Passionate Design Series” which is designed to focus on the comfort of music.

You can expect to see them on the new Playsta Vista in the next few months.