How to watch every movie on Netflix

The Netflix movie catalog is full of classic movies, and for many people, the most accessible way to get them is through the streaming service.For those of us who don’t live in the Bay Area, it can be difficult to find the right movie.If you’ve ever watched a TV show, movie, or other video game […]

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How to Play Your Own Bicycle Card Game

Now Playing: How to play your own Bicycle Card game source BuzzFeed title How To Play Your Bicycle Card Games article Now Play: How To play your Bicycle Card games on your mobile device article Now Watch: The best iPhone 6S cases, covers, and tips article Now Subscribe to Buzzfeed for free and receive our […]

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Thor 3: Triple Play

Play online: who plays who plays, triple play,solitaire online article Who plays who, triple,play online article solitaire, solitaire solitaire source RTV 5: Online radio show article Solitaire sol, sol solitaire article Solomon’s Treasure sol,sol, sol source RTP 5: online radio show, online radio,solomon’s treasure sol source BBC Radio 4: Online TV news article Solomon’s Treasure […]

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How to Be an Awkward Person with Pixels

Pixels is a game where you play a person who is completely oblivious to what’s going on around them.You get to choose how they react to every aspect of the world around them, whether it’s the weather, their wardrobe, or even their food preferences.The only thing they really know is that they’re wearing a bunch […]

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How to download games on the Playstation 4

A couple of weeks ago, we shared how to install games on your PS4 console.Today, we’ll cover how to download and install the games that you already own.Before we get to that, let’s get started.What are PS4 games?First, let me say that this is all very confusing.But I can explain it.Sony has released a list […]

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