Why you should watch the new Disney Channel’s ‘Walt Disney Channel’ documentary on the NBA player who is a racial slur

Walt Disney Channel announced on Tuesday that it would release a documentary featuring a white basketball player and his black teammate.The docuseries, “White Privilege: Black Athletes, Basketball, and the NBA,” will air on Disney Channel on Dec. 8 and 9.The film will feature interviews with players who grew up around basketball and other sports, as […]

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Why did I leave the NFL?

This is a rush transcript.Today, we’re breaking down the latest news in the NFL and why I left.The NFL had an impressive start to the year, but I’m sorry, the playoffs didn’t come to this area.We had two weeks in which I was a starter, but they had three weeks, four weeks, five weeks.They came […]

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What to expect at the Burning Man festival

Playa Mujeres: The theme park where you’ll be spending the night will be open. We’ll be hosting a playa cook-off for those that are hungry and have an appetite.You can enter for a chance to win a prize at the Playa Playa restaurant and bar, and it’s all free.If you don’t have a burner to run […]

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Play refund for Google Play online gaming

Play has announced that it is refunding users who have purchased the game Google Play Games.The company said it was aware of a number of users who had purchased Google Play games and had played them for several weeks without a refund.It said the refunds would be made available to customers within 24 hours.Google Play […]

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Portable CD player review

In this article, The Globe and Mail’s Peter Day explores the best portable chess player.(Photo: Peter Day)The portable chess computer is one of the most popular items you can buy in a store and yet few people have tried it.Many people are scared of using it and many people are disappointed.Here are some of our […]

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